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MaryAnn’s quick take: Monumental. With Dune, Denis Villeneuve tells a familiar story with uncommon elegance and pensiveness, even dreaminess, on a breathtaking scale. A stunningly gorgeous, supremely dignified movie about ugly things. Read the review…

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London Film Festival

Cop Secret movie review: cold fuzz (#LFF2021) - Absolutely hilarious Icelandic sendup of action buddy cop movies. Knowing, sneaky, and deliciously deadpan, upending toxic masculinity and elevating the usual subtext of the genre to the overt text.

movies for the resistance

The Body Fights Back documentary review: food for thought - Honest, compassionate, and very necessary, this is a provocation, a challenge to our individual and cultural preconceived notions about and neurotic relationships to food, weight, and body image.

classic film virgin

classic film virgin: The Outsiders: The Complete Novel (4K restoration) - The deep, honest emotion undercutting the performative toxic masculinity of these young men is beyond charming and vitally essential, but the melodramatic randomness of the plot ultimately lost me.

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