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MaryAnn’s quick take: Adam Driver’s intensely focused, utterly unironic performance is the only saving grace of 65, a movie of few ideas and little suspense, mystery, or excitement. There aren’t even that many dinosaurs. Read the review…

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Blue Jean green light Blue Jean movie review: cowardice and bravery as matters of survival - A powerful, necessary film, deeply humane and sympathetic, ugly-beautiful in its panic, full of dread and bad behavior. We feel every iota of Jean’s anxiety at closeted life in the homophobic 1980s.

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My So-Called Selfish Life documentary review: TFW you lack that certain “maternal instinct” - Dismantles myths about motherhood and misconceptions about child-free women with brisk, cheeky humor and intersectionality, and begins to build the cultural scripts we need for paths without kids.

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Harry & Meghan yellow light Harry & Meghan: Vol I television review: royal rumble counterpunch - There is little here we did not already know, but this is nevertheless a fascinating counterpoint to royal propaganda. Kudos to Harry’s audacity at being unwilling to perpetuate a noxious paradigm.