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MaryAnn’s quick take: The Hitman’s Wife’s Bodyguard is a movie to turn you off Going To The Movies, just as we are allowed to again, with its unlikeable characters, muddled action, and incomprehensible plot, all of which are magnified on the big screen. Read the review…

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My Octopus Teacher documentary review: out of the way, human (#Netflix) - This otherwise gorgeous nature documentary is marred by the banal self-therapy of its human protagonist... and he is nowhere near as interesting as the manic pixie dream octopus who changes his life.

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Bank Job documentary review: culture jamming for fun and justice - Brilliantly tantalizing, bursting with creative enthusiasm and bouncy energy, this cheeky work of artistic activism is out to subvert our debt-driven economy. Who says smashing injustice can’t be fun?

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Infinite movie review: whoa no (#ParamountPlus) - Knee-jerk clichés abound in a shameless retread of The Matrix in which many levels of storytelling ineptitude are the only depth on offer. Can Hollywood please stop reincarnating the same old movies?

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